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The 1701 KID Renaissance logo.

"WADDUP DOE!!" to friends, family, 1701 KID's and...... to the newbies .


The 1701 KID Renaissance is a brainstorm that started its voyage in 2016.  Not only lovers, but lifelong residents of our great city, the creators goal was to create a luxury streetwear brand that represents the core of our city's existence - being grit, culture, heritage, innovation and style.  With such rich history that swims in the soul & techno music, automobiles, migration, religion and even crime; we wanted to utilize a symbol that Detroiter's, and travelers abroad, not only love, but who spirits align with ours. 

Thus emerges Kid Spirit, the son of our hometown hero; the Spirit of Detroit.

When created by Marshall Fredricks's, the concept of the statue was to express the concept that God, through the spirit of man, is manifested in the family, the noblest human relationship, in which is inscribed on a plaque in front of the sculpture. The left hand of the Spirit of Detroit holds a gilt bronze sphere emanating rays to symbolize God and the family, in the right hand, is symbolic to all human relationships.

With such great historical inventory and depth, our thoughts were to transition that historic culture of love into the future while maintaining those ardent emotions that every person embellishes... simply stated....PASSION! From that fervent admiration and ardor the 1701 Kid Renaissance was born.

As Kid Spirit follows in his father's footsteps, representing everything great about our city, he also represents the greatness that every living person possess; soul, passion, hustle, style and spirit.  And that is what we's who we are!!! 


Every time you step out in the world, we are certain that you will "LIVE THE SPIRIT!" So be KID....a 1701 KID.

Ooh yeah Detroit was founded in "1701" and "Renaissance" represents what Detroit has given the world since its existence and maybe the tallest building in Detroit. 

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